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generate quickly and easily strong passwords.

Generate Custom Passwords

How It Works

Choose any character set and push the button as long as you see your perfect password. But be aware. The strongest passwords are the full character set. Also we do not store any password on our server. So copy it directly to a safe place like passwordsafe. If you push the button again.....your password is gone in the wind.

Password Generator Safety Tips

Because it is difficult to remember many different passwords, it is often the method to use a password for different websites. But the risk is great that someone gets this "universal password" and then has access to all accounts at once. So what can you do to achieve the highest possible security for your data? Passwords with upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and also typically special characters Look for a corresponding length - short passwords can be determined more quickly.

Do not use simple words

  • Completely unsuitable are the own name, the pet or relative, names of celebrities or of cities or own birth data.
  • A password from sentences, e.g. In each case the initial letter of a word is used, is easier to remember.
  • A "talking" password should also contain special characters and numbers.
  • Do not record your passwords and store them visibly, but use appropriate programs.
  • Install antivirus software and keep it up-to-date.
    A firewall software can help against simple attacks, but hardware firewalls are better, because they filter out of the computer.

    Create secure password

    Secure passwords are obtained, For example using our password generator. The password generator creates an arbitrary combination of letters and numbers. Here, one can select whether, for example, special characters are to be used or not. Also useful is a program that manages passwords - because randomly generated passwords without meaning are hard to remember. The passwords are stored encrypted and can be called with a main password.

    Encryption prevents unauthorized access

    If you use our password generator and, if necessary, a corresponding administration program, the created accounts are relatively secure on the Internet. In principle, passwords should contain upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and, as a rule, special characters. However, special characters on some websites may cause the password to be not accepted; In this case one has to resort to a variant without such characters. If someone tries to figure out a password, he will most likely use a dictionary, so it is best to choose combinations of letters and numbers that make no sense. Password Generator Security For example, one's own name, that of a pet or a relative (especially if it is publicly known elsewhere), names of celebrities or cities. In addition, a password should be at least eight characters long - the longer, the better. The password generator helps.

    The passwords generated are transmitted to your browser securely (via SSL) and are not stored on any server.